Estadi Municipal La Bòbila

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Estadi Municipal La Bòbila


The facility has a natural grass soccer field surrounded by a 400 meter running track. It also has other sports services such as high jump, pole and length and launch area. Inside the Stadium there is a fitness room, as well as changing rooms to serve all the activities carried out in the equipment.

On one side of the building, there is a chimney from the beginning of the last century of an old tile factory that makes the Stadium an emblematic place. This particularity gives the Stadium an architectural profile of great visual and photographic richness.

This equipment is provided for training and competitions of Gavà sports entities, but it is also offered for rentals of sports and non-sports activities.

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Services and facilities

- Soccer field: Outdoor space. 96 m x 65 m (6,240 m²). Natural grass pavement.

- 400 m running track: Outdoor space. 400 m x 7 m (2,800 m²). 6 streets Tartan pavement.

- Fitness room: 16.22 m x 15.84 m (256.93 m²) enclosure. Wooden pavement.

- Complementary spaces of the installation: 4 collective and 2 individual changing rooms (223,70 m²). 3 sports warehouses (85,53 m²). Bleachers for 1,700 people. 

- Other facilities services: auditorium and nursing room.


Miguel Ángel González Rodríguez

Cap del Departament d'Esports

Passatge d'Elisenda de Montcada, 4, 08850 Gavà

93 263 91 00